Captive flight

Ballon au-dessus des tournesols

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Ballon au-dessus des tournesols Ballon au-dessus des tournesols
Vol captif pour promotion entrepriseVol captif pour promotion entrepriseVol captif pour promotion entrepriseVol captif pour promotion entreprise

Promote your company with a hot air balloon.

Linked to the ground by ropes, the hot air balloon will rise majestically and be the ideal base to promote your event or your company, while remaining in the centre of the happening.

This is also the perfect occasion to treat spectators to a first flight and a new viewing point on the site they will be dominating.

We fly in the morning at sunrise or in the evening, 2 hours before sunset, when the air is calm and stable (under 8 nodes or 15km/h). The air becomes unstable when too hot. An 80m x 80m clear and level area is required.

The balloons go up and down approximately 25m, 6 to 8 times an hour, carrying 4 people, which totalises an average of 30 people per hour.

At night, take part in the mysterious and stunning show created the balloon illuminated by the burner.

A captive flight requires a feasibility study that we will carry out on the spot.

  2 400 €

[ This price includes a two-hour performance, but does not include additional hours nor our travel costs to the site for the feasibility study. ]

Please contact us to find out about the precise conditions.


Product Description

    • 2 hours flight
    • Possible options : additional hours

Two 30m2 banners can be made to match your colours and fixed on the envelope, bringing a direct impact of your message to the public.

Two small 1m2 boards can be fixed on the basket.

We take upon us to create the banners and small boards.

Quotation on demand.

If you are in advertisement, free flight or captive are considered as aerial public events. You will have to put a request in for a public aerial event at the Prefecture, in conformity with the decree of April 4th 1996. We can help you will this issue.


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