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The hot air balloon, a tremendous publicity

A hot air balloon is flying publicity the height of a six-storey house. When gliding through the sky, take off or landing, everyone stops and looks that way for a moment to admire the multicolour giant. When flying over a village or a city, thousands of spectators look up to watch it rise and automatically memorise the message on the envelope.
Do you know that a hot air balloon catches the attention of 90% of the public present and 95% will talk about it to friends, colleagues or family ?

  • La montgolfière est un support extraordinaire, qui apporte une notoriété considérable. Les gens mémorisent notre marque, même si c'est de façon inconsciente. 
    Vol au-dessus d'Uzès pour GroupamaNos clients témoignent [un entrepreneur du Nord-Ouest]
We offer the advertising medium that generates the greatest impact : the hot air balloon, over 20m high and 1 000m2 of advertising space to be used!

This publicity offers many advantages in comparison with other means :

      • Amazing dimensions
      • High visual memorizing
      • Public and media sympathy
      • Notoriety
      • Geographical flexibility
      • Easy to set up
      • Reduced cost

A hot air balloon customized to your colours

Communication d'entreprise avec ballon

A powerful image of your company

A hot air balloon is exclusively customized to your colours, trademark and logo. Guaranty your company notoriety and an incredible visual impact with the cost of a company car. The hot air balloon can also transport passengers. It’s a very efficient communication method for your public relation’s events : you can be sure that the client will never forget the magical experience of flying in a hot air balloon customized to your company.

  • Offrir un baptême de l'air en montgolfière, cela crée une proximité, une relation privilégiée avec nos partenaires.Communication d'entreprise avec ballonNos clients témoignent
Different options can enhance your image.

SARL « Les Montgolfières du Sud » will study your communication aims to find the best way of using the hot air balloon : publicity, free flights with or without passengers, events… Our airline carrier experience, licensed by the French aviation authority, is at your disposal, as well as the skills of our professional pilots to enhance your image.
Based in the Gard « Les Montgolfières du Sud » mainly fly over the Languedoc Roussillon region. We can easily go around France or abroad.


Why not meet up and talk about a partnership for one or several years ?
We will advise you on the best options when choosing a hot air balloon. Don’t worry about operating it. We offer to take care of the functional and technical part of the hot air balloon. (Functioning, storage, permission, insurance, maintenance, and testing).

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