F or promotional shooting or documentaries, we use a classical hot air balloon or the cineglobe.

Our team has taken part in many TV coverage :

    • Tournage Montpellier - 2012

      Shooting Montpellier – 2012

      2014 : Over flying the Pont d’Avignon for the Lions Club. Event against cancer : selling tulips.
    • 2013 :
      • September : September: Captiv, St Cyr-Sur-Mer seaside, advertising for Donkey
      • May : Shooting at the Grande Motte for the film “La Cité du Soleil” by Yann Sinic (Sarl Cosmograph production).
    • 2012 :
      • November : Shooting on the Gorges du Gardon; documentary film by Nicolas Anglès d’Ortoli (Fioravanti Production for the Nîmes Museum.
      • March : Shooting in Saint-Jean-du-Gard for « Détours de mob » (Sarl Bonne Aventure) a documentary broadcast on ARTE.
      • January : shooting in the centre of Montpellier for a film on solitude in cities by Yann Sinic (Sarl Cosmograph production).
    • 2009 :
      • October : Shooting in Bouillargues and Saint-Jean-du-Gard for “Un monde pour soi” a film by Yann Sinic (Sarl Cosmograph production).
      • Juin : Shooting in the Camargue Nature Reserve, Tour du Valat, a film by Doug Aitken Workshop for Maja Hoffman Foundation.
Sea front promotional shooting - 2013
Shooting at the Grande Motte - 2013
Shooting above the Gardon Gorges - 2012
Promotional shooting Bugatti-Saint-Cyr - 2013

And several shootings for TF1, A2, FR3, WWF.

Promotions for Barrila (Italy), Orange, Guadeloupe, Mercedes…

The Cinéglobe

Tournage avec le Cinéglobe Tournage avec le CinéglobeThe Cineglobe is a blimp hot air balloon conceived by “Les Montgolfières du Sud” .

Shoot in the most inaccessible places with this prototype (ULM class 5) with the pilot and a photographer or a cameraman with necessary equipment.


Parachutist dropping

Largage en parachuteJean Donnet has a DNC (high level of expertise) authorizing him to drop confirmed parachutists.

Please contact us for regulatory conditions and tariffs.









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